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Private sessions are designed to offer you a safe space where you can discuss your career plans with our dedicated employability team.

CV Reviews

If you would like us to review your CV, please email us at to request a template and once completed, send back to us for review.

Interview training

We understand that our workshops might not fit our students’ busy schedule, therefore, we are offering one-to-one sessions in which we can conduct mock interviews and offer personalised feedback and tips. To book an appointment please email us on or Click Here.

Speculative Applications

Compared to popular ways of applying for job vacancies, speculative applications offer the opportunity of applying for jobs that are not advertised and such, giving the applicant the competitive advantage. Please remember that this method can be used when looking for both paid and unpaid work.

Steps to follow:

  • Select the occupation and industry you are interested in – attend company open days careers presentations or employment fairs
  • Research and identify potential employers to target – subscribe to newsletters
  • press announcements or twitter accounts
  • Draft a CV to use when contacting prospective employers – attend our workshops or make an appointment to see one of our team members
  • Prepare personalised cover letters for each employer – make sure that it states clearly what you are looking for (paid role or unpaid work experience) and your availability
  • Source the name and email address of the Human Resource Manager by visiting the company’s website
  • LinkedIn page or by calling the company directly – never send a general email as it will be overlooked
  • Follow up with a phone call – this will show your genuine interest in securing a role with the company

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are an opportunity to learn about a specific job, get advice and information from a professional that is already doing the work you are aspiring to.

Please remember this is not the type of interview you attend after applying for a job. Instead it is a semiformal meeting during which you get to ask questions about the career you are pursuing.

For more information and advice on how to start this process, please get in touch with the employability team.